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Falling Feather Mobile

By SaltyandSweet

With a nod to the southwest, this mobile shows the delicate path of a falling feather as it bobs and floats in an endless free-fall with each passing breeze.

Packed flat on A4 card.

Materials: laser cut 1/16" solid black mat board
Size: approx. as large as a basketball when hung
Recommendations: For display purposes only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct sunlight and excessive moisture.

Please note: Because the quill of each feather is pointed, I must reiterate that this mobile is for decorative purposed only and is NOT to be hung within reach of children... or your clumsy friends.

Based in Portland, Oregon, SaltyandSweet Design is the project of Andrea Leggitt, an Industrial Designer with a crafter's heart who just needs a good excuse to go play with her laser cutter.
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