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The Unbakery

The Unbakery Cookbook | Raw Organic Goodness
By Megan May

The unbakeries are the award winning cafés run by little bird organics. They make incredible raw & organic plant based cuisine.
All their dishes are also made without gluten, dairy or cane sugar.

While the recipes in this book are 100 percent raw and plant-based, this book is not designed for only those on a purely, or even predominantly, raw diet. These recipes have been created to inspire everyone - few people would argue that eating more fresh fruits and veggies is a bad thing and turning these into amazing food is what they do best at the unbakery.

Use these recipes as inspiration to get creative with raw, organic cuisine and help you add more goodness into your diet.

The Unbakery book features over 130 recipes, including many of the favourites from two years running the cafes.

It also features informative sections on raw ingredients, kitchen equipment, health, lifestyle, raw food and organics - and some great little profiles on some little bird suppliers!

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